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The library is the heart of all academic activities of the college. It provides quality resources and innovative services to stimulate creativity, intellectual curiosity and to facilitate learning and research. It provides a place where teachers and students can pursue research and study unhampered by noise and other disturbances.
Librarian: Smt. Sindhu S

History of the Department

The college library started in 1981 with the inception of the college. Our college follows a centralized library system. The college library building is functional and modular in construction. It has a wide area of three floors – Ground floor, Central floor and Upper floor. The Ground floor houses newspaper, periodicals section and general reading area. The reference journals sections are also functioning on this floor. The circulation section is functioning in the central floor. The upper floor houses the stack of the library.


General Information

Working hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Working days All days except public holidays and Sundays
Circulation Books on all days
Borrower’s eligibility Students and Staff
Borrowing Limit  
U.G. 2 books per day
P.G. 4 books per day
Teaching Staff 10 books
Non-teaching Staff 3 books
Duration 14 days
Overdue Charge 1/- per day

Library collection

The library at present has a collection of 14900 volumes including textbooks and reference books. Books are arranged on the shelves according to Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC), a scientific scheme of classification. This type of arrangement will help to keep the books on the same subject together with those on related


The Library is fully automated. We use standard library software called ‘Granda Soft’ for the automation purpose.

Rules and Regulations

  • Strict silence shall be maintained in the library.
  • Personal belongs of the students and staff is to be kept in the outside counter. Each student may take a sheet of paper to the library for the purpose of taking notes.
  • Students have to write their names in the register provided or Library Gate Register.
  • Sub lending and transferring books to other person’s name are not allowed.
  • Number of books a student can borrow at a time from the college library: Degree- Two, P.G-Four.
  • The issue time is from 9 A.M to 3.30 P.M
  • Books borrowed from the library must be returned after 14 days and they can be renewed for a further period of 14 days or more if no one else has applied for the same books. If the due date is a holiday, the book must be returned on the next working day. Failure to return a book on or before the due date shall entail the student to pay a fine Re.1/- per day for delay of each book.
  • Books must be carefully verified at the time of issue, the attention of the Librarian should be called to the fact. The borrower will be held responsible for any damage.
  • Disfiguring and tearing of pages of books and scribbling on them and spoiling the binding will be considered as serious damage to the books and in such cases they are either to be replaced, by new copies or got bound by the borrower.
  • Absence from college will not be accepted as an excuse for not returning the books.
  • The loss of a book should be reported to librarian as soon as possible. The borrower is liable to pay the default fine on the book till the date of such report and from that date she will be held responsible for replacing the lost book or paying the cost of replacement of the book.
  • Hall ticket for university examinations and T.C will be issued or caution deposits refunded only after clearing all the dues to the library.
  • Books from the reference section shall not be taken outside the library.
  • Current magazines and journals shall not be issued to the staff and students, however back volumes of the periodicals may be issued for a week. If the periodical is monthly/bi-monthly/quarterly/half-yearly/annual publication, it may be issued after one month.
  • Students are not allowed to remove newspaper and periodicals from the library.
  • In all matters regarding the library, the decision of the Principal shall be final.


The library membership is open to the students, teachers, non-teaching staff.

Library Services

  • Circulation Service
  • News Paper clipping Services
  • Information display and notification services
  • Reference / Referral Services
  • Photocopy service
  • Online public access catalogue

Library Advisory committee

The committee consists of Principal, librarian, all department heads and student member. The Principal as chairman and librarian as secretary of the committee. Regular meeting of the committee are held to discuss the major policy decisions of the library such as library rules and regulations, infra structure developments, fund allotment, stock verification of books, etc. Suggestions were given to improve the library services and facilities.