Dr. Jaya Lekshmi R (Assistant Professor)
Name Dr. Jaya Lekshmi R
Designation Assistant Professor
Qualification Summary M.Sc, B.Ed, SET, PhD & MA English
PhD Botany, MG University, 2014
M.Sc. University of Kerala, 1998
B.Ed University of Kerala, 1999
Employment History
  • Permanently appointed as school teacher under NSS Management on 26.06.2002 to 19.08.2014.
  • Joined as Assistant Professor in NSS College, Nilamel (August 2014 - June 2017)
  • MMNSS College, Kottiyam (June 2017 - till date)
Topic Algae
Title: Distribution, Reproductive morphology and Agar content of the Agarophytes of Kerala
Research Interests
  • Chromosomal study of Agarophytes.
Research Publications
  • Species diversity of two chlorococcalean colonial genera (Pediastram Meyen and Scenedesmus Meyen) from fresh water ecosystems of Kerala, Indian Hydrobiology, 14 (2): 109-116, 2012.
  • Biodiversity of filamentous desmids of Kerala, Indian Hydrobiology, 14 (2): 117-125, 2012.
  • Morpho-Anatomical Study of Gelidium micropterum (Gelidiaceae, Rhodophyta) from Kollam Coast of Kerala, Trends in Biosciences 11 (7): 2018, ISSN 0974-8431.
  • Difference in Agar Content of Major Agarophytes from Coast of Kerala, Trends in Biosciences 11 (7): 2018, ISSN 0974-8431.
Administrative responsibilities
  • Co-ordinator, Music club
  • Convener, Forestry club
Awards & Honors
  • State Award Winner in poetry writing competition held by Kavya Kaumudi - 2017.