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Anti-Narcotics Cell

    The extensive use of narcotics within and outside educational institutions has become a serious concern nowadays. Drug dealers target students both as carriers as well as clients. It’s high time for teachers and parents to work against and eradicate this evil force. The highly energetic youth can be guided by educating and at the same time by warning against the adverse effect of narcotics. With this noble intention, we formed anti narcotics cell in our college. We keep close contact with the excise and police departments and arrange programs to make the students aware of the strong legal force working against narcotics and inculcate respect towards parents, teachers and the Indian judiciary.

Motto of the Anti-Narcotics Cell

    “Become anti- Narcotic; help to chain the evil”

Objectives of the Anti-narcotic Club :

  • To ensure a drug free campus
  • To engage the students in anti- narcotic activities
  • Motivate students to become volunteers of anti-narcotic activities in their life.

Activities of the Anti-narcotic Cell :

  • Excise department in association with antinarcotics cell and NCC conduct awaremess as a part of the clean campus-safe campus programme on issues like ‘abusive side of narcotics, drug addiction, law system and related topics.
  • Ensured no sale of tobacco/narcotic products inside the premises and within the radius of 100 yards from the college. Designed notice board as per COTPA (Cigarettes and Other Tobacco Products Act) guidelines and installed at various locations.
  • Conducting Anti-drug rallies
  • Conducting poster presentation on the shocking health effects of narcotics.
  • Inspection of the anti narcotics cell at the college campus and the premises.
  • Arrange sports competitions in the campus to educate the role of Anti-drug activities.

Steering Committee Members

Name Designation
Dr. K. Syam Krishnan (Assistant Professor) Member
Smt. Anusha M G (Assistant Professor) Member
Dr. R Prakash Chandran (Assistant Professor) Member
Dr. Satheesh E N (Principal) Chairman