In this world there is no purifier like knowledge

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Welcome to MMNSS College Kottiyam

MMNSS College Kottiyam, Kollam is a College affiliated to University of Kerala. The college is situated at Kottiyam, a small town 10 km away from nearest head quarters of the Kollam Corporation, Kollam. The institution is owned and managed by the Nair Service Society, a premier educational agency in the state of Kerala. The college was established in 1981 as a junior college. Degree courses were started during 1991. In the year 2004 the college was recognized under 12B and 2f of the University Grants Commission. At present the college with 30 teaching and 24 non teaching staff offers degree courses in Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, English, Economics and Commerce and PG course in Physics.

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न हि ज्ञानेन सद्दशं पवित्रमिह विद्यते
In this world there is no purifier like knowledge


To recognize that education is the way towards the progress of the community and is not a mere transaction of syllabus but an effort to enlighten an individual through imparting pure knowledge.


To impart to the students knowledge in various branches of learning and mould them into men of character and culture so that they will be useful to our nation, to themselves and to the future.